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Whether you need electrical installation or heating system repair in Exeter, there is only one place to turn, Sunflower Electrical! Electrical contractors are tasked with a wide range of professional services. Sunflower Electrical has the expertise that you can always depend on. 

What Can Electrical Contractors Do?

There is a wide range of services that an electrical contractor offers but you must be sure that not only are they offering the services that they need but that they are also expert at those services. A good contractor will be able to:
• Electrical testing to diagnose the problems 
• Repair/replace electrical wiring 
• Complete electrical installation 
• Work as domestic electricians 

At Sunflower Electrical you are always guaranteed the expert services for all your electrical needs. At Sunflower Electrical we take the time to diagnose your problem and ensure that we are taking the right steps to correct the problem. We focus on safety and high-quality work in everything that we do! We offer trusted full-service electrical work! 
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Full Service

If repairs save you money, we are ready to make the repairs to save you money. If you need the whole place rewired, we can do that too and do it efficiently and cost effectively.

We provide trusted services that you can always rely on. We stand by all the work that we do! 
Electrician Exeter

Domestic and Commercial

A lot of electrical services are either domestic or commercial, but Sunflower Electrical offers both domestic and commercial because we have the experience in both forums. Having one electrical contractor that can support you in both commercial and domestic electricals can be an easier option. We can repair, replace and fine tune all your electric. Contact us for your next project and get the superior support that you deserve!
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Domestic electricians and commercial electricians are always on hand, speak with our team of electrical specialists today.
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